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Consulting Service

DK, Inc. Products in Adrian Michigan recently used the consultant  services offered by Matrix Tool and Engineering.  Keith Gretz, owner of Matrix, put his 30 years of experience to work and set up a challenging new job for DK, Inc.  Products.  Matrix was able to completely set up the job and provide all the tooling needed ( 20 tools) to get started on this new project in a timely and efficient  manner.

Billy, DK, Inc. Products in Adrian Michigan

Oemeta Coolants

Ted Kennell, co-owner of PT&T Precision Machining  Jackson, Michigan relies on Matrix Tool and Engineering for fast and reliable customer service.  Matrix delivers items in a quick and efficient manner.  Items may be available in the Matrix inventory or are often ordered and delivered the same day.  In many cases, Matrix is able to provide same day delivery within 100 miles of Jackson.  PT&T uses Oemeta coolant and lubricants in their machines.  Oemeta has proven to be the most efficient coolant they have tried in terms of longevity, tool durability, environmental and worker safety.

Ted, Co-owner, PT&T Precision Machining Jackson, Michigan

Cost Efficiency with the Right Product

Tech Tool Company Inc.  Detroit, Michigan is primarily a grinding company specializing in high precision rack gear manufacturing.  Tech Tool utilizes Oemeta coolant and lubricants in all of their grinders due to the overall cost efficiency, longevity of coolant and worker safety features.  Matrix Tool and Engineering offers impeccable customer service and competitive pricing.

Josh, Tech Tool Company, Detroit Michigan

Quality Products

K & A industries, Jackson, Michigan, relies on Matrix Tool and Engineering for their cutting tools and industrial supplies.  K & A firmly believes in using high quality cutting tools and understands the cost efficiency  of  using the right tool for the right job.  Matrix believes quality cutting and industrial  tool supplies always proves more cost effective in the long run and carries these high quality items.  K & A often receives there tooling orders on the same day and can count on Matrix to be there when they have needs.

Brandon, Tool Room Manager, K & A Industries

Coolant & Fast Delivery

Lynair corporation of Jackson has been using Matrix Tool and Engineering for many of their cutting tool and industrial supplies for 9  years.  Lynair is particularly impressed with the Oemeta Line of coolants and lubricants which Matrix distributes.  Oemeta coolant has proven to be the most environmentally and worker safe coolant Lynair has ever used.  Keith Gretz, owner of Matrix, does an outstanding job of training Lynair’s employees in the monitoring and maintenance  of the coolant.  This proper maintenance approach extends coolant life,  improves tool efficiency and reduces cost of tooling, labor and coolant in the long run.  In some of Lynair’ machines, the Oemeta coolant is going on its fourth year of use without being changed!

Cory, Lynair, Inc., Jackson, MI

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